Inside brazilians second place team.


Formula Cefast was founded inicially by mechanical engineering students in the year of 2005, with the name of Team Atena. After a lot of work, the first prototype was created in 2006, the ES-01, that achieved 8th place in the Brazilian competition in Rio de Janeiro. The prototypes were nominated after the professor Eduardo Shirm, who’s Always supported in the concept of the Project and has been present in all the teams most importante moments.

In 2009, already with ES04-A, the team changed names to Formula Cefast, embracing the name “CEFAST” already used by the other teams from NEAC – CEFET MG, such as CEFAST Baja and CEFAST Aerodesign, achieving huge success in SAE competitions. Formula Cefast was the only team in Minas Gerais until 2010, when the team Formula UFMG emerged as a great partner.

At the year of 2017 the team was classified for the international event held in Lincoln - NE in june of 2018. Formula Cefast competed with the prototype ES-09 wich was the best brazilian car regarding the accelaration category.
At this international fase with 67 teams from all around the world, Fórmul Cefast’s prototype reached the overall 18th place and also came back with the team’s first international trophy by obtaining the 1st place in the Business Presentation.

Currently, the team counts with dozens of students from the most varied engineering graduations, such as mechanical, eletrical, civil production and materials, committed in the concept of projects more and more inovative.